Captain Underpants: Captain Underpants Box Set x 10

Every underwear fan needs a coordinating set. Tra-la-la: show this one off. Ten books full of jokes about pants. Who says you have to grow out of toilet humour? Not this heroic Waistband Warrior. What’s his superpower? Making you laugh till your pant elastic snaps. His books are stuffed with: jokes about toilets and bottoms. Funny cartoons. Silly plots. Evil villains with rather naughty names. So grab this massive box set and join the cheeky fun. Go on – you know you want to!

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    Great books captain underpants is really funny anybody who loves to laugh these are the books for you hope youse like them when yous read them

    28 May 2015

  • loved it


    29 March 2015

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  • Photo of Dav Pilkey

    Dav Pilkey

    Dav Pilkey is the author of the bestselling Captain Underpants series.


    Dav Pilkey has won several awards in the US, including the Publishers’ Weekly Funniest Book of the Year award for The Adventures of Captain Underpants.

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