Captain Underpants: The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby

Poo to baddies! This nipper in nappies is saving the world! Mini superhero Super Diaper Baby is faster than a speeding buggy and tougher than nappy rash. He can even leap over tall buildings without getting his diaper dirty. You have been warned! Don’t mess with him! Yup: this nappy-clad newborn loves to fight crime and tackle evil baddies. But can he save the planet from the diabolical Deputy Doo-Do: a walking, talking, radioactive lump of you-know-what?

  • Hilarious stuff by the author of Captain Underpants
  • Packed with jokes, chuckles, doodles and flip-o-rama
  • A must for kids who love Dav Pilkey’s cheeky humour
  • Captain Underpants has sold over 70 million copies

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  • loved it

    I loooooooooooved this book because I liked it when the deputy turnd into deputy doo doo.

    8 March 2019

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  • Photo of Dav Pilkey

    Dav Pilkey

    Dav Pilkey is the author of the bestselling Captain Underpants series.


    Dav Pilkey has won several awards in the US, including the Publishers’ Weekly Funniest Book of the Year award for The Adventures of Captain Underpants.

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