Celebriteens #3: Take the Stage

The daughter of chart-topping pop star Holla Jones, stylish and sensitive Hudson Jones is on the brink of her own musical debut. Hudson has inherited her mother’s talent, but she hasn’t embraced Holla’s love of the megawatt spotlight. Can Hudson find a way to perform that reflects her own low-key style? Or will pushy Holla see to it that her only daughter becomes a pop sensation? The third addictive story set in the starry world of the Celebriteens: kids who don’t have to look for fame, because they were born with it!

“Reading Joanna Philbin’s funny, witty, and poignant debut is like getting an insider’s glimpse into the gilded world of those born to be famous.” Alyson Noel

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  • loved it

    Its really good by the looks of it my bff would love this totally !!!!!!!!!!!!

    20 February 2014

  • I am soo gonna get this book on my kindle!!!I have the first two books in the celebriteens series and they are definately awesome <3

    9 March 2013

  • i like the blurb

    9 March 2013

  • I am soooooooo reading this book!

    6 December 2012

  • Seems like my kind of book!!!!!!xx

    23 September 2012

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