Children's Sticker Atlas: Atlas of the World

A sticker album and a picture atlas rolled into one. You don’t just read this atlas. You make it. Here at Scholastic Towers, we see a lot of atlases. But this is definitely one of the best we’ve seen. For a start, it has 60 incredible stickers of places, flags and people, so you can decorate the atlas as you read it. Fun, huh? But we also want to give a shout to the rest of this stunning book, because it’s not all about stickers. It surrounds all the maps with spectacular colour photos to wake up your wanderlust, plus incredible, homework-friendly facts.

  • A beautifully illustrated atlas with over 60 stickers
  • Allows children to add in stickers to create an album
  • Packed with detailed maps and delightful colour photos
  • Full of memorable facts for school and entertainment

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    Everyone needs a world atlas this ones great

    8 March 2014

  • Great! I loved this atlas of the world and the stickers were great!

    4 March 2014

  • i love the world!!

    14 January 2014

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