Clementine and the Spring Trip

Breezy laughs. Clementine adores spring. We know why. It’s the only thing fresher than she is. For this feisty third grader, spring is a really big deal. It’s the time for seeing her apple tree start to grow, and for watching her friend Margaret go crazy with spring cleaning. And – best of all – going on the school trip to Plimoth Plantation. Clementine is ready for Ye Olden Times, but she isn’t so sure about surviving lunch. The fourth graders have strict rules about no eating sounds. (What is snicking, anyway?) Don’t worry, Clementine: you will enjoy this trip. And we’ll be rooting for you all the way.

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  • Awards

    Sara Pennypacker has won a number of awards for her Clementine books, including a Boston Globe/Horn Book Honor.

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