Collins Primary Maths Dictionary

So – it’s a maths dictionary. Hang on! Why do you need a maths dictionary? Dictionaries are for looking up words, aren’t they? Well, not always. Maths isn’t just about numbers, after all. It’s really about ideas, and this book helps to explain them in a simple way. Here are a few of the useful things inside it. The terms you need to talk about maths. Explanations of what those terms mean. Clear examples of real-life maths in action. Colourful pictures and diagrams. Plus bonus pages with times tables charts, weights and measures and more. Everything you need to master maths.

  • A handy maths helper for use at home or at school
  • Ties in with the current UK primary maths curriculum
  • Essential support in a colourful illustrated layout
  • Everything kids need to further their understanding
  • Terminology, charts, explanations and lots more

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