Create Your Own #1: Create Your Own Alien Adventure

A storybook with a difference: YOU. There are stories that you read. But this is a story that you help to make. Read, doodle, fold, twist and tear to create your own alien adventure! When an alien crash-lands outside school, you race outside to find it. Follow the alien’s trail across town and back to its ship. Tear a small hole in the page to get inside – and learn to speak alien! Once you’ve helped B’ob fix the tear in his ship, you’ll visit his home planet. Navigate asteroid fields. Build a starship engine. Next – can you save your planet from an alien army?

  • Create your own alien quest as you read this book
  • Fold, tear and doodle: don’t be scared to get hands-on
  • A creative take on the Decide Your Destiny genre
  • Chris Judge co-wrote the hilarious Danger is Everywhere

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