Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch!

With his big, big mouth and ferocious claws, Ty is the biggest, baddest dinosaur around! But Ty has a baby sister called Teri who loves her big brother very much. And when Ty goes hunting, his tiny, adoring sister becomes a big, big problem. She’s always hanging around trying to kiss him and cuddle him – while sending all his prey off in stitches of laughter! Grrrrr! “Stay in your nest, pest!” snaps Ty. “I’ve got hunting to do!” But when Teri ends up in danger, will Ty come to the rescue? A comical story of the bond between brothers and sisters, with a hilarious happy ending!

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    This book it fab for little monsters, like my littel sister,and for young children.Would fully recomend this book for young children about 6 mounths to read with there pariens so they can pick up new and exotic words.

    4 April 2010

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