Cute Kittens Pair

Kitten-lovers, look sharp! Two adorable kitties battle against the odds in these heart-tugging tales from the brilliant Holly Webb. When Amy finds a tiny black cat in her garden, how can she find out if Misty is a stray? Is this her chance to own the pet she’s always wanted? Meanwhile, Jasmine is thrilled when she gets to cat-sit beautiful Star during the winter holidays. But why has Star vanished alone into the dark and snowy night? Snuggly and sad at times, these are a real treat for animal-lovers. If you’ve got a soft spot for kittens, prepare to lose your heart!

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  • loved it

    I did not get these books in a pack i have one of them Misty the Abandoned kitten Which is Swag but alone in the night i dont have because i get it out of the taupo public library. Very happy keep it up

    18 November 2015

  • loved it

    I didn’t get theese books in a pack i bought them sepratly.Realy good i <3 animals

    29 February 2012

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