Dancing Jax

At the end of a track outside an ordinary coastal town lies a dilapidated house. Once, a group of ghost hunters spent the night there. Two of them don’t like to speak about that night. The third can’t speak about it. He went into the basement, and screamed so hard and long he tore his vocal cords.

Now, a group of teenagers have started to hang out in the old haunted house. Dismissing the fears of others, their leader Jezza goes down into the basement… and comes back up with a children’s book. A book of strange and colourful tales set in a playing-card world of Jacks, Queens and Kings, unicorns and wolves. But this book is no fairytale. Written by a mysterious turn-of-the-century occultist, it is the gateway to something seductive, terrifying and final. As the children and teenagers of the town are swept up by its dreadful power, something has begun that could usher in hell on earth…

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    Robin Jarvis won the Lancashire County Library Award for The Whitby Witches.

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