Dark Unicorns: The Midnight Unicorn

It starts with once upon a time. But where will this story end? In a faraway kingdom of magic, the destinies of two children collide. Alette is the daughter of a sorcerer, growing up in the wilderness of the west. In the warmth of the east, Audrey is the daughter of a baker. The girls couldn’t be more different – yet something draws them together. Are they linked by the unanswered questions of their pasts? Or by the identical pendants they wear around their necks? The girls are on a collision course they cannot escape, as the unknown past hurtles them towards an unbelievable future of danger, mystery and enchanted unicorns…

  • An epic new fairy tale full of mystery and magic
  • A classic-in-the-making with a fresh modern twist
  • Brave heroines, unicorns and a fight for the throne
  • For fans of Katherine Rundell and Disney Twisted Tales

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