Dead City

It’s got a teenage zombie-hunter in an infested New York City, it’s funny, it’s tough and Suzanne Collins loves it. Ticks all our boxes, then. DEAD cool. Most kids have enough to deal with between schoolwork and besties. But Molly Bigelow has an extra job: kicking undead butt. She’s a zombie hunter. Corpses in school bathrooms and strange explosions are all in a day’s work for Molly. Except that now something weird is happening. A zombie is hunting her down… Gory and wickedly funny: our latest horror fix. We love how Molly’s sharp, sassy voice adds heaps of chuckles to the pile of dead bodies.

“An action-packed plot to breathe new life into the zombie genre.” Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games

“Incorporates New York City sights and gory zombie descriptions in a quick transit to an exciting finale.” Kirkus

“A good old-fashioned mystery with loads of clever puzzle breaking.” Booklist

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