Laurel was once a happy, ordinary girl… until she discovered that she was a faerie. Since then her heart has been divided – Avalon or the human world? Safe, reliable David or wild, charismatic Tamani? But now an enemy unlike any other threatens Avalon. Unless the faerie world can defeat it, there may be no choices left. Now Laurel faces the fight of her life to save everything and everyone she loves. But has her fate already been decided? This final part of the extraordinary faerie tale which began in the bestselling novel Wings is a spellbinding saga of magic and mystery, romance and danger.

“The ingenuity of the mythology is matched only by the startling loveliness with which the story unfolds.” Stephenie Meyer

“Silky narration… delicious escapism.” Kirkus Reviews

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  • An incredible, dangerous love story with a brilliant yet slightly predictable plot.

    5 March 2014

  • loved it

    i love this book i have read wings and spells i am now waiting for illusions and destined these are the best faerie tale books i have ever read.

    31 January 2013

  • loved it

    I loved this book! I rate it five stars after reading the whole series! it tells such a great story that I simply could not put it down!It’s an enchanting world full of spell-binding characters!

    28 May 2012

  • good book

    25 May 2012

  • i read the other ones but this one toped the list

    22 May 2012

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