Diary of Dorkius Maximus

Growing up in Ancient Rome, puny Dorkius Maximus dreams of becoming a great hero. Unfortunately, heroism doesn’t come naturally to him. So he enlists the help of his father’s friend, Stoutus, to teach him the noble art of fighting. But lifting his weapons makes him topple over backwards. How will he strike fear into the heart of the enemy when he can’t even stand up? Off the battlefield, things are equally dire. His dad doesn’t listen to him, his friends pick on him, and his mum is more interested in her sacred chickens. But Dorkius knows there’s a mighty warrior inside him. Can he prove himself a legendary hero – or is he destined to remain an ancient geek?

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    Tim Collins won the Manchester Fiction City and Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Awards for Diary of a Wimpy Vampire Kid.

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