Diary of a Wimpy Kid #1: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Yes: a wimp CAN rule the world. King of funnies and king of the book charts. The first book in Jeff Kinney’s mahoosive series about a misfit’s life. Greg Heffley is – guess what – a wimp. And he doesn’t like it. He still has no idea that wimps will be BIG one day. Now Greg is starting at a new school where all the boys are way tougher, meaner and cooler than him. It’s a wimp’s worst nightmare. What should he do?

  • The first book in Jeff Kinney’s blockbusting series
  • Bursting with cheeky humour and hilarious cartoons
  • Best-loved fiction that readers can’t get enough of
  • Perfect for fans of Tom Gates and Dork Diaries

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  • loved it

    Jeff Kinney expertly portrays a 12-year-old’s mindset in this comedy book. The book is able to balance the fun diary entry format and the storyline that takes place during the course of it. What I have always loved about this book is that it doesn’t talk down to the reader. Many kids can probably relate to Greg and the issues he faces. A timeless story about middle school hijinks and the struggle of trying to seem as cool as possible at that age.

    19 March 2023

  • liked it

    I liked it a lot.

    9 May 2022

  • loved it

    The book was good and fun

    24 October 2020

  • loved it

    Diary of a wimpy kid is one of my all time fave books. You SHOULD read this if you are 8 upwards

    3 June 2020

  • liked it

    Is an amazing and funny book! I liked it!

    5 April 2019

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  • Photo of Jeff Kinney

    Jeff Kinney

    Jeff Kinney is author of the hugely popular Wimpy Kid books.


    Diary of a Wimpy Kid was named Best Book of the Last Ten Years at the 2012 Blue Peter Book Awards.

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