Dino FC: Terror on the Training Ground

Terry Triceratops is the manager of Dino FC, and he’s a dead dinosaur walking. The team’s bottom of the Premiership, and their chances are vanishing every day. Things only get worse when chairman Danny Deinonychus drafts in hard-hitting fitness trainer Hans Hadrosaur to whip the dinos back into shape. Hans’s gruelling new regime is really punishing the players, and if they get the drop, Terry faces the sack. But when Terry bravely protects the team from an autograph-hunting T-Rex, the loyal Dino FC players vow to secure a win against Jurassic Park Rangers and save their club from extinction… A wild and witty new series where the buzz and action of the Premiership collides with cool characters from the Prehistoric age!

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    This book is awsome. Find out what happens when Terry hires a fitness coach to keep the team fit for their next matches in their leauge.

    8 June 2012

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  • Keith Brumpton

    Keith Brumpton is a TV scriptwriter as well as a writer and illustrator of children’s books.

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