Dinosaur Firefighters

Fire! Fire! Quick – call the dinosaurs! This crazy crew can handle any emergency. Or can they? A dippy diplodocus is facing her very first day on the job, and she’s got a lot to learn. Yikes! Join the Dinoville firefighters as they slide down poles, screech their sirens and rush off to rescue a trapped T.Rex. Action stations! NEE-NAR. NEE-NAR. Can our confused diplodocus go from zero to hero?

  • A super-silly sequel to the brilliant Dinosaur Police
  • Bursting with energy, action, humour and zany artwork
  • Exciting rescue theme and a message about having a go
  • By the best-loved creator of There’s a Shark in the Bath

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  • Photo of Sarah McIntyre

    Sarah McIntyre

    Illustrator and author Sarah McIntyre is the fantastic creator of comics, picture books and fiction including You Can’t Eat a Princess and Pugs of the Frozen North.


    Winner of the Winner of the Independent Bookshop Week Children’s Book of the Year for Pugs of the Frozen North. Sarah’s picture book awards include the 2010 Sheffield Children’s Book Award for Morris the Mankiest Monster.

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