Do Igloos Have Loos?

Revolting reference expert Mitchell Symons is back – with even more gross-out answers to your most urgent and burning questions! Such as: how do you get out of quicksand? Why does your skin get wrinkly if you stay too long in the bath? Is your right foot clever? And – crucial for those moments when you’re caught short in the Arctic – do igloos have loos? Guaranteed to get you laughing bucketloads and learning lots of dippy facts, this is the seventh crazy collection of terrific trivia from the bestselling author of Why Eating Bogeys is Good For You.

Winner of Best Book With Facts at the Blue Peter Book Awards 2011.

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  • loved it

    I personally love it. Its full of interesting, crazy and funny facts that you wouldn’t of thought to question about!

    10 February 2017

  • loved it

    Very good. It’s full of interesting yet funny facts and questions you may have never thought to ask. But don’t be put off by the cover and think it’s a gross book for boys, it’s just a suiting title for a funny and random book! It’s a shame to overlook and is full of weird knowledge you can share with friends!

    4 July 2012

  • loved it

    it is full of fun, crazy and cool facts and is a must read book. I have not read many but his books are no1 fact books, he is also funny as well so please read and write what you think. 5* rating.

    7 April 2012

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  • Photo of Mitchell Symons

    Mitchell Symons

    Mitchell Symons writes jaw-dropping, fact-packed books about the weird and wonderful world of trivia, and has twice won the prestigious Blue Peter award for Best Book with Facts.


    Mitchell Symons has twice won the Blue Peter Best Book with Facts, for Why Eating Bogeys is Good For You and Do Igloos have Loos?.

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