Don't Call Me Grumpycorn

Join your favourite sulky unicorn on a trip to space! Unicorn is back, and guess what? He’s still being grumpy! He and his friends Narwhal, Mermaid and Jellyfish want to have an adventure in space. But which planet should they visit first? They can’t agree! And in the squabble, Unicorn turns into a very grouchy Grumpycorn! So he decides to go off on his own. But will space still be fun without any friends to share it with? Will our grumpy hero realise that he’s being very silly? And will Grumpycorn ever cheer up?

  • The second hilarious tale about this grouchy unicorn
  • A rib-tickling tale of friendship and managing moods
  • Created by beloved author-illustrator Sarah McIntyre
  • Sarah’s books include Dinosaur Firefighters and Superkid

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  • Photo of Sarah McIntyre

    Sarah McIntyre

    Illustrator and author Sarah McIntyre is the fantastic creator of comics, picture books and fiction including You Can’t Eat a Princess and Pugs of the Frozen North.


    Winner of the Winner of the Independent Bookshop Week Children’s Book of the Year for Pugs of the Frozen North. Sarah’s picture book awards include the 2010 Sheffield Children’s Book Award for Morris the Mankiest Monster.

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