Easy Cooking

Lip-smacking recipes, pretty cupcake cases and a spoon to lick clean. So delicious! It’s as easy as pie to make and bake these scrumptious snacks. Pop them in the oven and pop them in your mouth. The easy recipes include melty mini pizzas and cute chocolate cupcakes, luscious cheesecakes and yummy sausage rolls. You even get the cutest decorated wrappers to keep your cupcakes in. Great for parties and sleepovers: wow all your friends with your tasty treats.

Kit includes a recipe book, 48 cupcake cases in two pretty patterns and a wooden spoon.

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    It was really cute and miniature!

    26 December 2014

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    my younger sister liked this, and the cupcake cases are really pretty.

    8 March 2013

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