Elijah of Buxton

Elijah of Buxton

We all want to be known for doing something great. Sadly, Elijah is known for two not-so-great things: being a scaredy-cat and talking too much. But actually, he ought to be famous for something a lot more important. He was the first child in his little Canadian town to be born free. (Most of the grown-ups are runaway slaves.) Elijah’s life has been pretty easy so far. The biggest challenge he’s faced is his fear of snakes. But when a thief steals precious money that was meant to buy his best friend’s family out of slavery, it’s time for Elijah to face his fears. Soon he’s tracking down the thief on a dangerous journey. Will he become a hero – and will he ever get back home?

  • Newbery Medal winner and School Library Journal Best Book
  • A compelling tale of freedom, courage and the cost of slavery
  • Brilliant writing bursting with humour, intellect, tragedy and joy
  • Helps readers witness the horror of slavery through Elijah’s eyes

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