Ellie's War Pack x 3

A must if you love Michael Morpurgo or Michelle Magorian. Ellie’s cosy village life is changed forever by the First World War. Life in Endstone has always felt timeless, until the war with Germany starts. It’s a shock – especially when Ellie’s dad leads the local rush to join the army. All the young men are leaving. Ellie is swamped with anxiety. And her best friend, Jack, thinks the war is great and has no idea how she feels. People say it’ll be over by Christmas. Wrong. The world is changing forever. Nothing will ever be the same again…

  • A stirring WWI saga set in an English seaside village
  • A perfect choice if you like My Story or Downton Abbey
  • Find out what the war was like for people left at home
  • Ideal for fans of Michael Morpurgo or Michelle Magorian

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