Enchanted Pony Academy Pair

So magical! So sparkly! If you love ponies and pretty things, read this! The first two books in a magical new series – each with a FREE pony necklace! Welcome to the Enchanted Pony Academy, where glittery ponies learn to use their magic. All the sparkly ponies at this very special school have their own Glitter Gift. Or do they? Daisy can’t help feeling nervous about her first day. She has no idea what her magic power might be. Will she find it? And can Skydancer’s special talent save the school from a scary dragon?

  • The first two books in a charming young fantasy series
  • Each book has a beautiful FREE pony charm necklace
  • Ideal for fans of My Little Pony and Rainbow Magic
  • Heartwarming tales of making friends and fitting in

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