Enchanted Pony Academy #4: Dreams That Sparkle

Meet a pretty glitter pony who wants to show that true beauty is on the inside. Belissima is the prettiest pony at the Enchanted Pony Academy – a school where magical ponies learn to spread their wings. Trouble is, everyone’s so busy admiring her looks that they don’t notice how talented and hardworking she is. Belissima dreams of a day when the others realise that she’s far more than just a show pony. And when the royal children arrive at the school to choose their glitter ponies, it’s her last chance to prove that her real magic isn’t about her fabulous looks!

  • The fourth book in a charming young fantasy series
  • Ideal for fans of My Little Pony and Rainbow Magic
  • Appealing short fiction that builds reading stamina
  • Heartwarming message about valuing what’s inside

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