Enid Blyton Summer Holiday Stories

No one writes about summer like Enid Blyton. (If you love her books, you’ll already know that.) Camping trips, clifftop bike rides and big adventures: they’re exactly her style. And ours! So three cheers for an entire book of summery stories all about holidays – perfect for enjoying on the beach or out of doors. School’s out! Time to go on a picnic in the woods, explore smugglars’ caves or ride on a magical plane. Who even has time to write postcards…?

  • 27 magical Blyton stories all about summer holidays
  • The perfect inspiration to read and explore outdoors
  • Bursting with sunshine, laughter, magic and adventure
  • Timeless tales that capture the essence of summer fun

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  • Awards

    Enid Blyton was posthumously awarded the first Enid Blyton Award for Lifetime Contribution to Children.

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