Everything Awesome About Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Beasts!

A funny twist on dino facts to make you roar with laughter! How well do you know your dinos? You may know the facts. But do you know how funny these almost-too-weird-to-be-true critters were? This book is going to tell you! It’s bursting with madcap facts, jokes, comic strips, timelines and loads more. That’s right: absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs. All in a completely original, fresh and funny book that’ll make you laugh till your sides hurt and boost your knowledge at the same time.

  • A quirky, funny and creative look at dinosaurs
  • A madcap field guide full of facts and humour
  • Told in Mike Lowery’s signature comic style
  • Bursting with jokes and colour cartoon pictures
  • Perfect for keeping dino-obsessed kids amused

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