Factfeed: The Ultimate Book of Randomly Awesome Trivia

Loo reading sorted! The only book of trivia with this stuff in: grossest lunch boxes. Weirdest space junk. Brainiest plants. What if a book could be like Buzzfeed? Bringing you the latest news and trivia all day long. Feeding your brain with funny lists and addictive facts to get all your mates talking. Well, here’s the good news – this book is like that! Packed with OMG LOL trivia. Weird animals. Freaky science. Yucky parasites. Cool robots. Horrible food. Win!

  • Cool trivia for the Youtube and Buzzfeed generation
  • All the funny, random things you really want to know
  • Science, nature, pop culture and everything else
  • Loads of fun quizzes to test your knowledge

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