Fake Mustache

The Origami Yoda man brings you evil-genius best friends, world domination and massive moustaches. Sounds like the ultimate blast! Maybe you’ve had a friend that your mum thought was a bad influence. Well, Lenny’s best friend Caspar is truly evil; a master of disguise and hypnosis. It all starts when when Casper buys a huge fake moustache. It lets him scare little old ladies, rob banks, amass a vast fortune and even run for president. Which is right up Caspar’s street, as he wants to take over the world. The world is only a whisker away from having a lunatic as leader! Is Lenny the only one who can see through his hairy disguise?

“There’s no twist too goofy or absurd as Angleberger pulls out all the stops for this unabashedly silly story.” Publishers Weekly

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