Flaming Olympics

Yucky Olympic facts and 300 quiz questions. Win a gold medal for your smarts. Are you ready for Rio 2016? Or does your brain need whipping into shape? Well – this cheeky guide from the home of Horrible Histories is the funny way to train up your sports smarts. The Olympics have been setting the world on fire for nearly 3000 years. Is it all fun and games? Or more like absolute torch-ure? Get the lowdown on the world’s top sporting event, from the hottest gossip to the worst cheaters.

  • Olympics fun in the style of Horrible Histories
  • Packed with facts, trivia, jokes and cartoons
  • 300 quiz questions at the end of the book
  • The whole story from Ancient Greece to today

most of you thought this was rubbish

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  • rubbish

    this book is not what it looks like it is 100s of pages long and has no pictures

    10 July 2016

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  • Michael Coleman

    Michael Coleman is a long-standing author on the non-fiction list. As well as clocking up eleven books in his own FOUL FOOTBALL series, he has written titles for THE KNOWLEDGE, notably Flaming Olympics, and TOP TEN.

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