Flip-Flap Friends: Mermicorns

What do you get if you cross a mermaid with a unicorn? A mermicorn! They’re incredibly rare – but this book is full of them! Flip the split pages of this book back and forth to create a heavenly parade of rainbow-bright mermicorn friends. Can you spot Jazzy Star Flipper Swoosh, with his natty striped tail and cool saxophone? And look out for Sapphire Mane Sequin Shell: just as beautiful as she sounds! Create heaps of crazy combinations, all with silly names to mix and match. Laugh out loud as hoofs, horns and tails get all mixed up!

  • A hilarious flip-flap book with split pages to combine
  • Mix and match the panels to create crazy combinations
  • Kids will love the delightfully vivid, magical pictures
  • Over 72 different creatures to find, all with witty names

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