Think Treasure Island in a drowned future city. Mysterious maps, pirates and peril! What happens next, after the cities sink? Kara and Joe live in what’s left of a flooded London, scavenging for salvaged objects. They spend their days navigating the perilous waterways of the sunken city, scratching out a living in the ruins. But when they get hold of a mysterious map, they’re suddenly plunged into a world of trouble. Suddenly everyone’s after them: gangsters, cops and ruthless Mariner pirates. They have no idea what’s going on. But they must find a way to fight back – before Floodworld’s walls come tumbling down…

  • A fast-paced, thrilling adventure set in a flooded future
  • Full of dramatic ruins and explosive submarine chases
  • Perfect for fans of Mortal Engines and Chris Wooding
  • Packs an environmental message into an addictive story

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