Flora's Very Windy Day

When Flora and her pesky little brother, Crispin, are whisked away by a swirling, swooping wind, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to give her brother away. With tempting offers from a dragonfly, the man in the moon and even the wind itself, it’s a struggle to know which to choose. After all, Flora would do anything to get rid of Crispin, wouldn’t she? Until she has a change of heart, and determines to take her brother home… Jeanne Birdsall’s charming picture book debut takes flight in Matt Phelan’s twisting, twirling watercolours, brimming with wit and whimsy.

“A flight of fancy reconciling a sister to her innocently irritating little brother. Phelan uses ink, watercolor, and pastels for their airy adventure, tossing and tumbling them through a series of encounters that reveal Flora’s changing feelings.” School Library Journal

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