Florence and the Mischievous Kitten

Meet Scamp – a cute kitty who doesn’t need nine lives. Why? His owner is famous nurse Florence Nightingale! Cheeky little Scamp is always getting into mischief. And one summer’s day in 1888, he runs off and finds himself lost! He’s found in Hyde Park by a girl named Beth, who is marching across London to protest about working conditions in Bryant and May match factories. And when Beth returns Scamp to Florence, an unlikely friendship is sparked between the great lady, her naughty kitten, and Beth the penniless orphan…

  • Delightful mid-level fiction by star author Megan Rix
  • An addictive blend of history, adventure and animals
  • Full of insights into the life of Florence Nightingale
  • Megan’s books include Emmeline and the Plucky Pup

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  • Awards

    Megan has won several regional prizes including the Stockton-On-Tees Book Award for The Victory Dogs and the Shrewsbury Children’s Book of the Year for The Bomber Dog.

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