Fly Guy Phonics Box Set

Fly Guy is simply full of surprises. He’s not the kind of fly you find swimming about in your soup. (Unless he’s training for the Olympics.) He’s done it all – been to space, performed magic tricks and met dinosaurs. And what’s more, he can READ too! So… how did Fly Guy learn to read? Well, he used phonics. A foolproof method to help you match written words with spoken sounds. Now he wants to share it with you! Open Fly Guy’s box set for ten easy stories chock-a-block with phonics and giggles, plus two activity workbooks. Time to fly high!

  • Phonics fun from a New York Times bestselling series
  • Carry case with ten phonic stories and two workbooks
  • Wonderful mix of learning, humour and witty artwork
  • A great way to introduce Fly Guy to the very young

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