For Me and U! Fun for BFFs

Fill it in and pass it on. Quizzes where BFFs (and their secrets) come together. If you were a princess, what would your tiara look like? Who would star in a movie about you? What will your life be like when you’re all grown up? Answer each question, draw a picture and then mark it with a sticker – your sticker! Then pass the book to a friend and see what she has to say! This super passbook is the perfect place to share your secrets and learn more about your besties. Fun quizzes, colouring pages, fill-ins, doodle games: so much to love!

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    I liked it very much it is a wonderfull book for best friends forever buy it and watch the world of fun Best book I liked it sooooooooooooomuch…..........

    18 August 2015

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