Winner of the 2019 Little Rebels Award.

There’s no escape – even when you escape. Where can a slave like Nat run to? Forced to leave his family and move to England with his master, Nat can see only one silver lining. He’s heard that once a slave sets foot on English soil, they’re free. So Nat travels across half the world, from Jamaica to England. But when he arrives, he finds the rumour is false. He’s still a caged bird. Unless he runs… So that’s what Nat does. Now he’s alone on the streets of London, trying to hide. (Not easy, in a hostile white world.) There’s no safe place to run to, and things will never improve – will they? Unless the winds of change are finally starting to blow…

  • An action-packed, fast-paced tale of slavery in Britain
  • Explores the background to the Slavery Abolition Act
  • Heaps of historical details to delight fans of My Story
  • By the acclaimed author of Arctic Hero and Sawbones

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