GamesMaster Presents: Cool Builds in Minecraft

THE definitive guide to building in Minecraft. The ultimate gaming mag takes on the world-leading game! How good are your crafting skills? Can you build like the best of them? If you want to create builds that shout out in all the right ways, here’s what to do. 1) Buy this book. 2) Admire the colourful pages full of seriously cool builds. 3) Follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own. It’ll take you all the way from crafting your first shelter to putting the finishing touches on your own jaw-dropping masterpieces. Result!

  • A how-to guide from gaming magazine GamesMaster
  • 50 cool builds to make, with step-by-step examples
  • Shows how to craft buildings, vehicles and entire worlds
  • Gets you building with creativity, verve and confidence

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