George's Dragon at the Fire Station

Super-funny rescue antics by the Aliens Love Underpants author. Dragons, fires and fun. It’s Open Day at the fire station. George can’t wait to take Sparky along. Even Mum is happy: if Sparky starts a fire, the firemen can put it out. But Sparky still gets into trouble. He gets stuck sliding down the fireman’s pole. He sends a fire bucket flying, and steps on the hose during the public show. Then a call comes in for a real emergency. A scared cat is stuck in a tree. They need someone who can fly...

  • By the author of Aliens Love Underpants
  • A laugh-out-loud tale of saving the day
  • Rescues plus dragons – kids will love this
  • Full of Russell Julian’s charming artwork

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  • Photo of Claire Freedman

    Claire Freedman

    Claire Freedman is the author of the best-selling Aliens Love Underpants books.


    Claire Freedman and Ben Cort won the Richard & Judy prize for the best-selling Aliens Love Underpants in 2007.

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