Girl Online: On Tour

The only thing bigger than Girl Online. The sequel! Q1: when is riding on a rock god’s tour bus not totally amazing? Q2: Can an online girl survive an offline life? Answers inside! What do you do if you’re lucky enough to have a totally dreamy rock star boyfriend? You go on tour with him. Obviously. It’s going to be like a romantic break coupled with amazing music every night. Right? Hmm. Busy boyfriend. Jealous fans. Horrid bandmates. Uh-oh: this tour just isn’t pressing Penny’s ‘like’ button. What should she do? Let her tell you (and the whole world) all about it…

  • The second smash-hit novel by vlog goddess Zoella
  • Girl Online was the top-selling debut novel of all time
  • Fiction loosely based on Zoella’s real-life experiences
  • Funny, relatable, heartwarming and all-round amazing!

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