Go Away, Unicorn!: Go Away, Unicorn!

Alice just isn’t the sort of person who likes unicorns. She couldn’t care less about rainbows, glitter or the colour pink. So when a silly old unicorn shows up at her birthday party, wanting to be her best friend, she knows exactly what to say. ‘Go away, Unicorn!’ But though Alice hates to admit it, Unicorn is really good fun. This wild, wacky party animal knows how to sprinkle magic into each day. All the same, he can really be a horn in her side. So she’d better say it again: ‘Go away, Unicorn’!

  • A picture book inspired by the Disney Channel show
  • A quirky look at friendship between total opposites
  • Unicorn’s sparkly, bubbly ways will charm everyone
  • Full of fun and wild adventures, with a sweet centre

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