Gold Stars KS2 Pack: Ages 9-11

Toughen up for the coming school year with smart study survival manuals. Feed your brain and get ready for action! These handy books are specially built to keep you ahead right through the school year and get you trained up for important test days. Quick-fix subject summaries and workbook exercises get you straight to the point, helping you to build skills throughout your study course. When tests start to loom, use the special test booklet for a preview mission, checking your answers to make sure you’re on target. With all the help you need to stay on form throughout the year, there’s no need to be scared!

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  • loved it

    I know i have already finished primay these books really did help me because i got level 6’s on everything xxxx

    8 August 2011

  • loved it

    really helps me prepare for yr6 sats

    22 March 2011

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