Goodnight Sleepy Babies

Our bedtime book of choice. So soothing you’ll fall asleep just looking at the pictures. Softer than a bunny’s tail. Rhymes and baby animals. All little things, just like you, need their beauty sleep. Baby elephants, cuddly tiger cubs and tiny birds all love a cosy snooze. If you like a bedtime story when it’s your turn to fall asleep, pick this one – and see all the snuggly animals settling down for the night. Their mummies and daddies will tuck them up. They might gaze up at the peaceful stars and sky. But this book can only have one ending: zzzzz....

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  • Janet Bingham

    Janet Bingham is the author of My Little Star, A New Home for Little Fox and Goodnight, Magic Moon. She lives in Cambridgeshire.

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