Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy III

THE classic horror series. So scary libraries ban it. So cool it’s sold 350 million copies. Nasty like fingernails scratching on glass. Prepare to gnaw your knuckles. Trina’s dad used to be a ventriloquist. He still has an attic full of old dummies. There’s a dummy with freckles, and one with a sneer just like Rocky. Trina and her brother think it’s pretty cool. But now there are voices in the attic. Dummies keep showing up in odd places. Plus, there’s a new – and weirdly frightening – dummy no one has seen before…

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  • Photo of R.L. Stine

    R.L. Stine

    R.L. Stine is author of the bestselling Goosebumps series, which has sold over 250 million copies worldwide.

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