Goosebumps Slappyworld #6: The Ghost of Slappy

Slappy is back – as a ghost! And this time, the only game you’ll play is hide-and-shriek! Shep is off on a school trip to the woods. He wishes he didn’t have to go. Shep hates the woods. He hates the dark. He’s scared of ghosts. And he’s scared of his weird teacher, and his horror stories. Trouble is, the horror in the woods isn’t a story. There is a ghost there. And not just any old ghost. Who? None other than wicked dummy Slappy. He was evil in life, and he’s even meaner in death. Poor Shep. If only he’d stayed home…

  • Part of a new series of terrifying Goosebumps tales
  • Scary stuff where evil dummy Slappy pulls the strings
  • Supremely addictive horror to hook young readers in
  • Over 400 million Goosebumps books sold worldwide

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  • Photo of R.L. Stine

    R.L. Stine

    R.L. Stine is author of the bestselling Goosebumps series, which has sold over 250 million copies worldwide.

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