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When food-loving guinea pig Fuzzy sees the advert run by glamorous local chef Scarlet Cleaver, he’s enormously excited. He is a passionate cook who loves to make delicious meals for his owners, and it seems like the perfect chance to improve his cooking skills! But his hutch-mate, Coco, isn’t so happy. A posh guinea piglet who loves to pamper herself and listen to harp concertos, she warns him that the advert isn’t what he thinks. And when Fuzzy sneaks off in secret to find the restaurant, Coco realises that he is in terrible danger. Can she stop him from ending up as the main course on the Meat Cleaver’s menu? With only her wits and some online friends to help, Coco must rescue Fuzzy – and save the day!

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  • These books are funny and great if you like guinea pigs

    9 March 2014

  • it think its great sorry if i am wrong

    4 May 2012

  • This is different to all my other books and definitely makes me want to read on! It has brilliant characters – Coco is funny because she is so posh and says she lives with the Queen!

    Sophia, age 7

    I liked this book when at the end Eduardo and Coco fall in love and scooter away. I love guinea pigs and I have 4 of my own so really enjoyed this story. This book had lots of funny bits in it. Banoffee had lots of babies. I liked it when Terry helped Coco on the internet find out where Meat Cleaver is. I would love it if my guinea pigs did all this when I was at school. My favourite guinea pig character was Coco as she was a princess. My favourite person was Henrietta because she was Coco’s owner. Fuzzy likes the internet and Coco does not I wonder why? This book was great and would be fab for boys or girls 5 and older. Guinea pigs online was so good I did not want to put it down until I had finished it.

    Stephanie, age 6

    17 April 2012

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    Winner of the 2014 Red House Book Award (Younger Readers) for Atticus Claw Breaks the Law.

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