Hairy Maclairy Pair

OK: usually the best-loved Hairy Maclary series is all about the dogs: scruffy Skye terrier Hairy and his tail-wagging buddies. But in this pack, the cats are taking over. Miaow! Seriously – we always knew they were really in charge, after all! Slinky Malinki is a cunning cat-burglar who loves to steal sausages, slippers and clocks. How long can he keep up his life of crime? As for tough tomcat Scarface Claw, everyone’s scared of him. Just take a look! He’s terrifying! Which is why Scarface isn’t scared of anything – until he looks in the mirror. Tee-hee!

  • Hilarious rhyming favourites from a classic series
  • Kids adore these larger-than-life animal characters
  • Wonderful stories told in bouncy, boisterous rhymes
  • Superbly expressive pictures of these roguish pets

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  • Awards

    Lynley Dodd has won a number of awards in her native New Zealand, and was awarded the Margaret Mahy Medal in 1999.

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