Happily Ever Afterlife: Crushed

It’s dancers vs cheerleaders! You know life’s not fair, but the afterlife can be dead unfair too… Now that Lucy’s got over the shock of being a ghost, she’s keen to get into the swing of life (well, afterlife) at Limbo Central Middle School. She’s ready for a new challenge: joining a club. Or rather, forming one. Lucy and her best friend Cecily were awesome ballet dancers in life. So now they can start a Dance Club in the afterlife! Right? Not according to Georgia Sinclaire, the dead miserable head of the cheerleading squad…

  • Second in a great new school series with a ghostly twist
  • Perfect for fans of Ever After High and Monster High
  • A witty tale of growing up and fitting into a new life
  • Experienced author of My Little Pony and Disney titles

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