Happy Families: Miss Brick the Builders' Baby

An all-time funny classic from an author we adore! Mr and Mrs Brick are builders, just like their mothers and fathers. Their grandmothers and grandfathers were builders too. But their new baby, Miss Brick, doesn’t seem to be following in their footsteps. Instead of building things, she keeps knocking them down!

  • A classic comic read-alone exploring family life
  • Allan Ahlberg is a true great of children’s fiction
  • Perfect for new readers, with lovely colour artwork
  • Gives little ones a fun insight into jobs people do

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  • Photo of Allan Ahlberg

    Allan Ahlberg

    Allan Ahlberg is one of Britain’s best-loved children’s writers and is the author of over a hundred books.


    Allan’s work has been recognised by many of the top awards in children’s books, including The Red House Children’s Book Award for The Jolly Postman, The Man Who Wore All of His Clothes and The Pencil.

  • Awards

    Colin McNaughton has won many awards including the Smarties and Kurt Maschler awards.

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