Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Journal

Forget reality and pretend you’re at Hogwarts! All you need is this journal. Which just happens to come with nifty coloured endpapers showing Harry Potter concept movie art. Write in your potions homework, your secret Slytherin crush or your dreams of TriWizard glory. Every Hogwarts student needs one! Worried the Sorting Hat messed up? Can’t stand your Charms teacher? No worries: tell your journal all about it. Or perhaps you’re a budding Dark Lord plotting to conquer the world? Hatch your wicked plot here. But don’t let Harry find it!

  • Quality journal with illustrated colour endpapers
  • Endpapers show original concept art from the films
  • Includes a ribbon placeholder, elastic closure and a back pocket for holding photos and sketches
  • Write in your very own Hogwarts adventures!

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  • loved it

    it is a lovely leather notebook that gives a harry potter feeling. it is a must buy for harry potter fans

    5 May 2016

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