Heartside Bay #3: More Than a Love Song

Love Cathy Cassidy? Pining for a new Sweet Valley High? We have the perfect thing for you: Heartside Bay. Sun, friendship, romance and soap-opera drama on a fairytale beach. Rhi loves to sing, but has no idea how amazing she actually is. It doesn’t help that her heart’s been broken by her split with Max, whom she’s still mad about. But life changes in a BIG way when a talent scount spots her performing at a wedding. Suddenly Rhi’s in huge demand – tipped as the next big music sensation. Max is pulling out all the stops to win her back. But will she still want him?

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  • Cathy Cole

    Cathy Cole writes books for teen girls, including the HEARTSIDE BAY series. She was born and raised in London, where she lives with her husband and two children.

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